Our Commander-in-Chief…how we adore thee. Gag. The man is showing his true colors. Actually he has been since the day he took office.

Those colors lead us to believe one of two things; either he is a moron or he is dishonest. We would be justified in thinking the first because the man never seems to have knowledge of anything illicit that implicates his Administration.

Since he is a brilliant and charismatic politician (how else does someone like him ascend to the office of the presidency, twice?), we can’t go with moron. We are left with the disturbing alternative—dishonest.

Do you recall when this whole Hillary on-the-pot-email-server business started? He was point-blank asked about his knowledge and he said he knew nothing about it (CBS interview).

Shockingly, that is not true. The State Department has 22 highly classified emails that will not be publically release because of the super-secret nature. Why not? The folks over in Benghazi are already dead, so “What difference does it make now?”

Eighteen others supposedly implicate none other than Herr Leader himself, via her private email he knew nothing about.

Since he said he knew nothing on national television, and apparently did because he emailed her via private communication lines, we can say liar-liar-pants-on-fire. Of course, those emails weren’t classified, according to State Department spokesman, John “Lapdog” Kirby.

Can you imagine George W. Bush getting away with this?

Not a snowball’s chance. The media would be salivating like Pavlov’s dog to take the man down. When it comes to their Messiah, they just look the other way and pretend not to notice.

Well, being that those 18 emails between Obama and Clinton are not classified, there is no reason not to release them.

We’re waiting State Department. Time to pony-up the truth that y’all work to protect us. We are dying to see what it was the president and his SoS had to chat about that is so unimportant that none of us need to know courtesy of executive privilege.

Yet again, Obama is upholding his long-standing tradition of a more transparent government.

Source: Mad World News


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