As North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un continues on his quest to become a feared nuclear power by setting his sights on striking the United States, experts here say his most recent missile launch could reach every state in the union, with the exception of Florida.

The July 28 test was the rogue nation’s most successful test to date in a program that has seen more missile launches in the past seven months than at any time in the past.

While the distance and trajectory of the missile recently tested would indicate that the U.S. is within reach, experts say the guidance systems are not accurate enough to hit a specific target.

Instead, security teams studied a four-year-old photograph of Kim looking at what appears to be a large map of what they believe are his planned targets in the U.S.

Obviously, Hawaii and Alaska are the closest American targets to North Korea, with Hawaii serving as home base to the Pacific Command that oversees all military units that would be expected to respond to a hit.

The next closest target and number two on the list would be San Diego, home port to the U.S. Navy ships that would respond to a North Korean attack.

Of course, number three on the list and the prime prize Kim would seek out is Washington D.C., the seat of the federal government and home to the president.

The Capitol and the White House were both thought to be targets of the 9/11 attack by Flight 93, which was averted by the heroic efforts of the passengers who attempted to take control of the cockpit before crashing in a field in Pennsylvania.

The 2013 photograph used to study Kim’s objectives is, however, dated and it is safe to assume his list of targets has grown to include places like Colorado Springs, home not only to the U.S. Air Force Academy but two Air Force bases, Ft. Carson Army base and the secret military complex deep within Cheyenne Mountain.

The U.S., however, has successfully tested the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) designed to shoot down a hostile missile, which should provide some reassurance to U.S. targets – at least for the time being.

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Source: Task and Purpose

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