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President Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has declared war on the right of a state government to offer at least some guarantee to women that men won’t be allowed unfettered access to their restrooms under the guise of “gender identification.”

The move came as the DOJ issued an ultimatum to North Carolina demanding that the state take action by Monday, May 9 amending or repealing the controversial “bathroom law” passed in March that restricts bathroom access to the gender assigned at birth, rather than that with which a person claims to “identify.”

The issue has become a touchstone for the LGBT community who claim it is their civil right to use the bathroom of their choice regardless of any discomfort it causes to others.

Gov. Pat McCrory and Republican state leaders responded with defiance.

House Speaker Tim Moore said legislators would not meet the federal government’s deadline. “We will take no action by Monday,” Moore said in a video aired by the Raleigh News & Observer.

“That deadline will come and go. Obviously, we don’t ever want to lose any money, but we’re not going to get bullied by the Obama administration to take action prior to Monday’s date. That’s not how this works.”

Moore referenced the administration’s threat to take action against the state, such as applying for a court order in federal court that would force compliance.

The federal government could also withhold the distribution of funds to the North Carolina Department of Education, which amounted to $4.3 million in fiscal year 2014-2015 for public kindergartens, schools and colleges.

Gov. McCrory laid out the position of the state in passing the law, which applies only to bathroom facilities in state-owned or managed buildings.

“The right and expectation of privacy in one of the most private areas of our personal lives is now in jeopardy.”

The DOJ has not announced any similar action against other states in the South that have recently passed “bathroom” legislation to preserve the longstanding practice of segregating access based on gender.

Source: LA Times


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