It's a well-known fact that almost any presidential administration is simply a way for a president to inflate the power of his position and party while that president occupies the White House. In the case of the Obama administration, the various Washington bureaus and departments bend to his every whim, even when it's toeing the line of legality.

That line was potentially crossed during a recent trial in a Washington District courtroom as Judge Richard Leon heard arguments for and against a fairly obscure Kansas election law.

The Kansas law is being put in place by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), a nonpartisan group that oversees election law and election standards across America. The EAC recently made a change in Kansas's election law that would clearly state that any Kansas citizens who wish to vote need to be able to prove their U.S. citizenship.

To any normal American that seems like an absolute must when it comes to elections and something that is almost taken for granted.

However, the Obama administration isn't so sure and that's where things are getting dicey.

The Department of Justice, under the hand-picked guidance of Loretta Lynch and a team of lawyers, is trying to stop the EAC, also a government program under the umbrella of Obama's same administration, from implementing the Kansas law.

If that was too convoluted for you here's another take. Because the EAC is a government organization, the Justice Department is in charge of assigning lawyers to defend its position. However, because the Justice Department is absolutely against any election laws that would make it harder for illegals to vote, they are trying to throw the case.

Judge Leon seemed to be in disbelief when he heard arguments from the Department of Justice that they wanted to put off filing the paperwork for the case for "several weeks," and he called the snafu "unprecedented" and "extraordinary."

It's time for us, the regular citizens, to rise up against this obvious malpractice of Obama and Washington. This is getting ridiculous, folks.

h/t: CNS News

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