The father of the teenager who took a hoax bomb to his Irving, Texas high school has wasted no time in capitalizing on the publicity to further his own Islamic agenda.

Mohammed El Hassan Mohammed is a Sudanese immigrant who has tried in the past to make a name for himself through publicity stunts ranging from the assertion that he leads an international Islamic sect of thousands of followers to the formation of his own political party to launch bogus campaigns for the presidency of his native country. The imam at his Dallas mosque disputes the claims about the international sect and no evidence exists that Mohammed has ever appeared on the ballot in Sudan.

Now, amid speculation that the hoax bomb incident was engineered by the family for the sole purpose of generating sympathetic media coverage of his accusations of rampant Islamaphobia in the Dallas area, Elhassan has begun posting anti-American attacks on his Arabic-language Facebook page.

The official page of his “National Reform Party” (NRP) posts photographs of the family along with claims that the United States government was responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001 as a pretext for declaring war against the Islamic faith and Muslims.

On September 12, 2015, the National Reform Facebook page posted a photograph of the burning World Trade Center towers with a caption in Arabic reading: “An American media creation.”

The page calls the bombing of the towers in New York City and of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., as well as the downing of United Flight 93 on its path toward another Washington target, “terrorism American-style.”

Elhassan also attacks America for more recent events claiming the Arab Spring was a U.S. plan to “foment reprehensible chaos.”

Recently, the NRP page posted a 15-minute video purporting to prove that the destruction of the World Trade Center was the result of explosives set by “U.S. military officials, television executives and some Israeli and British government officials.”

The Elhassan Mohammed/NRP page also features commentary and photos about son Ahmed’s now infamous “clock” incident.



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