If any Americans had leftover concerns that pushing back against Obamacare may not be the right thing for the country the recent news that almost half of the healthcare exchanges set up by states are struggling financially should answer those concerns. Obamacare isn't working and the only way that states can see to fix the problem is to throw more money at the issue.

Seventeen states have currently set up state-run healthcare exchanges according to Obamacare policies. Almost half of those states, however, are discovering that low enrollment numbers in the exchanges in addition to rising health care costs are making the exchanges unsustainable. Yes folks, the common problem is of course, costs.

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States are looking at different options to solve these financial problems, including implementing cost-sharing with other states' systems or giving the exchanges more money.

If you believe in any kind of market power, the idea that throwing more money at a system which is floundering will save it is absolutely ridiculous. Can the argument not be made that this lack of people enrolling in the system is simply an indication that the market isn't interested in Obamacare's healthcare exchanges?

If the exchanges were a viable, functioning possibility they wouldn't need any stimulus funds to keep running. The fact that states' exchanges are failing is simply evidence that the United States needs a different program for healthcare.

The failure of Obamacare is also evidenced in the fact that only seventeen states have set up exchanges. The current Supreme Court argument that is pushing back against Obamacare is focusing on this facet of the issue.

President Obama, you had an idea and it didn't work. Let's all move forward and figure out a way to craft a healthcare system for the United States that works to help people, not one that feeds off the money of regular citizens and requires additional funds when it "doesn't work right."

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