If you’re a traditional “flag waving” American this is one sheriff you really want on your “good side”. And so when rising star and charismatic Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke dished on a prominent follow conservative and a potential presidential candidate, that indeed raises more than a few eyebrows.

The Sheriff was in Cleveland for the Republican debates and had a few not so flattering words directed at a candidate he does not support because of what he calls “typical pandering” and dubious associations.

“I’ve been real disappointed in Rand Paul… I felt he was pandering,” Clarke told the Daily Caller  as he recalled a past incident.

Clark went on to explain that Paul met with Al Sharpton and wanted to get the black perspective of things.

And it seems that Clark has a valid point in his criticism of Paul, in that Sharpton has time and again been a destructive force in race relationships, and his only motivation is to stoke racial tensions within those troubled inner cities, and threatening companies of race discrimination if they don’t “pony up”…in short extortion.

Obviously Sheriff Clark is no fan of Sharpton and actually made some news last April when he was quoted in an interview asking why “Sharpton isn’t in federal prison for tax evasion.”

A good question indeed and perhaps the answer lies with the cozy relationship between this race hustler and the White House, in which the good reverend seems to have been given a pass on the money he still owes New York State which is over $900,000 from 2008 and 2010 taxes, and over $4.5 million in taxes and liens to the IRS.

It seems that both Paul and Sharpton have something to gain within this strange courtship, Paul can promote himself as a new kind of Republican and  build up his civil rights image, while Sharpton can use Paul as a wedge issue and  pressure Clinton on various civil rights issues… politics does indeed make for strange bedfellows.

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