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In what may be the oddest headline ever written by a news organization, here goes: Ronald McDonald was gunned down recently while visiting a Sonic restaurant. The story is even more unbelievable than it sounds.

The scene of the crime was a small town in North Carolina called Lumberton. The setting was a local Sonic drive-thru, complete with a wide driveway, three banks of drive-up stalls, and a well-manicured lawn.

But you can be sure that Ronald McDonald, a 36-year-old man from the area, wasn't paying attention to the scenery when he was shot after engaging in an altercation at the restaurant.

McDonald is apparently related to one of the managers at that particular branch of Sonic. His wife works there and it's impossible to know but something started McDonald into a loud argument with Sonic employee Telvin Drummond. Drummond, who is 24, went for a gun and the rest is now history.

McDonald, it appears, was also armed and both men shot into each other. McDonald was hit and went down. The authorities promise that they are still investigating the situation.

So there you have it. A  man with an awkward name--awkward if he's soliciting any restaurant besides the one he's named after--enters the premises of another national chain restaurant and a gunfight ensues.

If this was the Wild West, perhaps something like this would be more normal. Besides the funny name, this event simply points to the unstable nature of our country. There is violence happening everywhere, even at the neighborhood Sonic. For any Black Lives Matter protesters who want to take power and authority away from the police, do you really want things like this happening more often?

So while it's easy and fun to laugh at the names and the situation, let us never forget that these shootings could happen in our neighborhoods next. We need to make America better, not let it degrade itself into nothing.

h/t: KSN


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