Russia has really outdone themselves this time. The former world power is doing everything in its severely limited power to attack and denigrate the United States. It just so happens that this most recent example of this may be the worst thing we've ever seen.

Inside a privately owned cafe in eastern Sibera, visitors can now use the specially designed toilet paper with Obama's face on it to show their distaste for the United States.

The cafe is called the President Cafe and it features decor that promotes Russia and puts down the United States like nothing we've ever seen before.

Visitors to the cafe's bathroom can see pictures of Putin hanging all over the walls as well as the Obama-styled toilet paper. Near the bathroom mirrors are disfigured pictures of other world leaders that are antagonistic towards Russia like Germany's Angela Merkel and Britain's David Cameron.

On the floor of the bathrooms, in front of each sink, lies a floormat of the U.S. flag for visitors to wipe their feet before reentering the cafe.

The coup de grace of the President Cafe, however, is a life-sized picture of Putin with a cutout where visitors can stick their faces through and pose with the dictator.

Though the owners of the cafe claim that they've created the attraction simply for the business it brings, the existence of a cafe totally dedicated to putting down and making fun of the United States and other leaders of the free world is troubling.

If there are Russians who are willing to go to these lengths to prey on the Russian people's fears and anti-Western sensibilities, what's to stop similarly motivated Russians from taking things a step further and actually attacking the United States physically?

This cafe probably thinks all it's doing is providing a few laughs, but the reality of the situation could be much more grim.

h/t: Telegraph

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