In the not too distant future all of Sweden will be designated a "no go" zone for Swedish women.

Only now are the ruling psychotic leftists and feminists beginning to feel that maybe all is not well in Mother Svea after decades of Muslim immigration.

Ardent feminist Nalin Pekgul recently told Swedish television SVT she avoids the center of town in Tengsta, where she lived for 30 years.

Pekgul said it's because she no longer feels safe in her former hometown because of "radical fundamentalists" who have "gained increasing space" in the community.

Consequently, the "place of women in the public sphere is diminished," she said.

You'd better get used to it, sister. Thanks to all of the "welcoming" leftists and feminists like you women's rights are being violated daily in Sweden.

What rights will you have 10 years from now at the current rate of immigration and cultural transformation?

The mainstream media and even Swedish officials recently accused President Donald Trump of spreading "fake news" about the Muslim crime rate in Sweden. The media attempted to downplay the statistics, claiming it's really not as bad as people think.

One only needs to scan the web for Muslim crime in Sweden and up will pop wonderful headlines such as these:

"Sweden -- Muslim Forced 10-Year-Old To Watch Porn Before Raping Her."

"Swedish Cops Hunted By Muslims Hide In a Supermarket Until Rescued By More Police."

"Swedish Cop -- 10 of 11 School Rioters Were Muslims."

Or try this one: "80 Percent of Muslim Rapists Get to Stay in Sweden To Rape Again."

Sure, there's no Muslim crime problem in Sweden. Just blame it on that "teeny-tiny" fraction labeled "fundamentalists."

"One should never forget that the vast majority here are cursing the fundamentalists," Pekgul said. "I always hope that it will blow over."

Don't count on it.

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Source: Daily Wire


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