With Hillary Clinton's latest bid to enter the White House as president underway rumors about Clinton are perpetually swirling. One rumor that has recently resurfaced--and which appears to persist no matter what is said about the issue--is that Chelsea Clinton is not the biological daughter of Hillary and Bill.

The rumor argues that Chelsea Clinton, the newest face among the powerful and lucrative Clinton Foundation leaders, is in fact the biological daughter of Hillary and a man named Webb Hubbell.

Hubbell was partners with Hillary when they both worked at the Little Rock Rose law firm. The connection was so strong between him and the Clintons that Hubbell was later made associate Attorney General during Bill Clinton's White House tenure.

This most recent rumor about Chelsea's parentage came to light in a recent book, "The Clintons' War on Women," written by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow. In a recent video clip that seems to give credence to the claim Morrow approaches Chelsea at a book signing event and asks her if she knows she's the daughter of Hubbell.

"I'm so proud to be my parents' daughter," responded Chelsea, not bothering to specify if she was dodging the question or giving an answer.

But perhaps the most telling reason to suspect that Chelsea may not be Bill's daughter comes from a comment by Hubbell himself. When asked during a phone interview for Stone and Morrow's book whether he was Chelsea Clinton's father Hubbell simply said, "No comment."

Now it is easy to read too much into a comment of "No comment." Perhaps Hubbell realized that anything he said could reflect badly on Chelsea's parentage.

However, Morrow recounts an additional interview--this time with a high-level, unnamed Republican--who stated that most high-level operatives on the Democratic and Republican side know that Chelsea isn't Bill's daughter.

If true, these claims of Chelsea's parentage could do unimaginable damage to Hillary's campaign. After all, illegitimate children are no sign of honesty and integrity.

h/t: WND

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