With the final days of Michelle Obama’s tenure as the nation’s First Lady coming to a close, a New Mexico charter school is wasting no time in dropping out of her unpopular lunch program that imposed strict guidelines on student menus.

Robert Jessen of Monte del Sol Head in Santa Fe told local reporters that it would no longer participate in the National School Lunch Program because it could no longer afford the cost of serving the free meals.

“We receive $3 from the federal government for each free lunch we serve. However, it costs more to serve that lunch. For the last several years the school has been able to pay the difference, but this year we can not.”

The school is only one of hundreds of others that have chosen not to participate in Mrs. Obama’s initiative that mandated strict regulations on calories, sugar, fat, sodium, whole grains, fruits and vegetables for school menus.

While schools found the required foods cost prohibitive, students rejected them as inedible, often throwing lunch trays into trash cans with most of the food untouched.

Parents who packed “brown-bag” lunches for their children were infuriated when the sacks were inspected at school and discarded because they failed to comply with the requirements of the First Lady’s program.

Teachers noted that students were hungry in afternoon classes and coaches complained that student athletes were not receiving sufficient nutrients and caloric content adequate for training, practice or sports events.

Jessen told the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper that parents had been informed that the school will not longer provide the free and reduced-price meals through the national program, noting that the school may return to its previous policy of providing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to needy students, adding, “there’s also good, old-fashioned sack lunches.”

Meanwhile, the House Freedom Caucus is asking President-elected Trump to take action on federal school lunch restrictions as soon as he takes office on January 20th.

Mr. Trump has not commented.

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Source: EAG

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