As the United States is looking for ideas and solutions regarding migrants and refugees from the Middle East, we should look at the situations being faced by many people in Europe before making any decisions. European countries have been inundated with refugees and some of them are looking for more than a place to live without the threat of being bombed.

In a Danish nightclub called the Buddy Holly Club, migrants were recently banned from entering the premises because they couldn't speak either Danish, German, or English. While this seems outrageous there is solid reasoning behind the manager's decision to ban migrants from entering his club.

Tom Holden Jensen is the manager of the Buddy Holly Club and he says that he's had multiple reports of migrants and Muslim men entering the club and groping and "raping [women] with their hands."

Jensen's security staff tried to intervene in the situations, but they couldn't speak Arabic or any languages understood by the migrants and the migrants couldn't understand the security guards either.

"We reserve the right to operate our business as we have done all the years . . . before there was a war in Syria," Jensen told the media. "And we intend to continue that also after the war ends."

Jensen is now facing prosecution because he violated Denmark's anti-racism laws, but he isn't the only club owner to determine that the only solution to the rape problem is to ban migrants.

Other club owners have done the same thing in an effort to put a stop to the sexist culture that many migrants are bringing with them from the Middle East.

It's disappointing to see these refugees tarnishing the reputation of those who are truly seeking a better way of life. Unfortunately, case-by-case situations don't work when there are millions of new migrants entering these countries each day.

Jensen's ban on Muslims in his club may be the only way that he can ensure the integrity of his business and protect his customers against the violent rape culture that is emigrating with refugees from the Middle East.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

Img: Mads Flackner

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