It seems that we’ve become so conditioned to hearing and seeing tragic events daily, that we’ve almost grown numb to them, it’s as if they all blur into one, and usually without any positive outcome.

However every now and then, we hear about someone or something that makes us smile, and perhaps for a moment we begin to feel as if humanity may just have a shot, and so it was on a flight two months ago on Alaska Airlines, when two lives crossed paths, one was Russell Wilson, the 26-year-old quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, and the other an American soldier walking towards the coach section of the airplane.

And this is where we begin to feel good about our humanity; in that Russell Wilson is a unique individual and an outspoken Christian, active volunteer and prolific Tweeter in the world of social media, and perhaps the classicist player in the NFL.

And when the young soldier passed by heading towards coach, Wilson almost immediately upgraded the soldier’s ticket to a first-class seat. Wilson learned that the warrior was actually on his way home.

The soldier was so amazed by Wilson’s kindness that he logged onto Twitter to tell the world about it.

Russell Wilson was on my flight back to Seattle and he brought me up to first class. Mad respect! #clutch,  Kane Bernas (@co_kane144) April 30, 2015.

A few moments later, Wilson responded by thanking Bernas for his service to the United States.

Wilson also took some time to take photos to the delight of the crew:

Source: Breitbart

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