NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had an opportunity to set a moral tone regarding the anti American and unpatriotic antics of some unprincipled players within the league, however he fumbled badly on the one-yard line and abdicated his responsibility of leadership, preferring instead to become an apologist for multi-million dollar race baiters, more inclined to grandstand on the sidelines with their childish antics, rather than with their athletic accomplishments on the gridiron, which hopefully will be reflected at the box office.

Moreover without a principled overseer of the league it’s up to every individual head coach to set an ethical posture for their teams and not repeat the antics of race hustlers like Colin Kaepernick who used his team, his teammates, the fans and the NFL to distract from his lackluster performance as a quarterback, by suddenly taking a knee at the playing of our National Anthem, guaranteeing him more press off the field than his dismal performances on the field.

However, Kaepernick’s behavior fits just as well with Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch who came out of retirement and pulled the same stunt during the playing of the National Anthem, which apparently impressed another multi-million dollar player Seahawks, Michael Bennett who decided to also disrespect America.

However this is where it might get real interesting, in that Bennett has a brother who plays for the Green Bay Packers and Head Coach Mike McCarthy has the same philosophy that Dallas Cowboys Head Coach, Jason Garrett has when it comes to his players taking a knee or sitting on their butts at the playing of the National Anthem stating the National Anthem is “sacred” and he expects his team to stand.

Likewise McCarthy addressed the issue of the anthem and what he expects from each member of his team (including Bennett) stating via a preseason presentation to all his players stating: “It’s something that I’ve done each and every year here since I’ve been the head coach, we have a PowerPoint presentation that you update (each year), and you always try to deliver the message clearly to the team.

“Our approach has always been to give the history and the understanding of what the National Anthem means, and why it’s played before any National Football League game, particularly how (the tradition) started after World War II. I go through the whole history and the importance of what it means to you personally.”

Thankfully there are head coaches like Garrett and McCarthy who understand the importance of leadership and what’s expected of their players, who play a sport, and are living the American Dream making untold millions of dollars, that most of us can only dream of…taking a knee is the last thing they should do except perhaps to pray and thank God, they live in America.

Tell us in the comments below if you think anyone who takes a knee should sit on the bench for the entire season, regardless?

Source: Freedom Daily

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