If there is a lesson to be learned from NFL's incompetence in handling the take-a-knee debacle, it's that appeasement will always fail in the end.

Appeasement is exactly what the NFL tried to do when it pledged an insane $89 million to social justice causes. That's $89 million to promote victimhood and the evils of whiteness. Does the NFL even spend anywhere near that amount to assist U.S. veterans?

According to 49ers' Eric Reid, who started the whole take-a-knee crusade with teammate Colin Kaepernick, the donation is merely a "charade." He also alleged that the $89 million will be taken from some of the existing charities the NFL is already an active part of, including Salute to Service and Breast Cancer Awareness.

If true, then that means the league will be taking money from actual legitimate charities and giving it to progressive causes with some truly regressive ideologies.

The outrageous pledge and donation didn't even work. Many of the NFL players are still sitting or taking a knee in defiance. Oakland Raiders' Marshawn Lynch remained seated during the National Anthem, as did Los Angeles Ram's Robert Quinn.

Perhaps the players plan on protesting so the NFL will beef up the donation to $100 million. In any case, the NFL is quickly losing its viewers, most of whom just want to watch a damn football game and not be lectured about all this social justice crap.

How incompetent is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell? Does he not get that most of America think social justice causes are full of bologna? This is the same reason ESPN has also tanked in ratings. Instead of commenting on sports, its broadcasters are lecturing its viewers on social justice and how evil Trump is.

Is the NFL digging its own grave? Will Americans say to hell with it and give the middle finger to the once beloved sports league?

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