The NFL is widely known for its strict requirements about uniforms and sponsored gear. The league has cracked down on Beats headphones and is currently paying millions to have Microsoft Surface tablets used on the sidelines and no other device.

But when news broke that many players were planning on wearing red, white and blue gear for Sunday's games, the NFL almost fined each player who broke its dress code. Reebok, the athletic equipment company, created specialized red, white and blue cleats that many players were planning on wearing during the games, no matter if they were fined. Luckily, the league realized its stupidity.

"We have extensive plans for Sunday to respectfully recognize the significance of the day," said Greg Aiello, a spokesperson for the NFL.

Players were tweeting about their plans to wear America-themed shoes, gloves and other apparel, and even hinting that the league would fine them for breaking dress codes.

Lance Briggs, a linebacker for the Chicago Bears, identified the league's hypocrisy by pointing out that players can wear pink equipment to honor breast cancer all they want. But they can't wear gear that supports their country.

"For the anniversary of 9/11 game, why is it if I wear shoes and gloves that are the colors of our nation's flag...I will be fined by the league," said Briggs. He went on to declare his intention to get fined for wearing patriotic gear.

Thankfully the NFL realized that barring America's colors is a stupid idea and let the players show support in the way they wanted.

It's ridiculous that political correctness has penetrated every level of American society, even football. If a player wants to support his home country of America, let him! There shouldn't be these rules when it comes to how players can show patriotism. That's treading a fine line close to disrupting freedom of speech.

h/t: NY Daily News

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