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For many Americans, the violence and terror spread by the Muslim terror group ISIS is confined to the faraway countries of the Middle East. Recent attacks have targeted minority groups in Iraq and bombings have taken place in northern Africa, but it all seems like it's happening to other people elsewhere.

A newly uncovered ISIS hit list, however, brings the realities of terror attacks by ISIS much closer to home. ISIS has reportedly put up information about British Air Force bases and specific information about both British and American Air Force servicemen in an effort to encourage "lone wolf" attackers to take action into their own hands.

In the terror posting, ISIS propaganda stated that, "We are extracting confidential data and passing on your personal information to the soldiers of the [caliphate] who soon, with the permission of Allah, will strike at your necks in your own lands!"

According to reports from the Air Force Times, information was posted for four Royal Air Force bases and for as many as sixteen American service men who have served in Great Britain.

Servicemen and women who have served or are currently serving are being encouraged to monitor the privacy of their social media profiles and to not post information regarding vacations, personal contact information, or the location where they live or work.

While news of the ISIS list has some people worried, reportedly the RAF bases aren't going on any higher level alert than normal.

For ISIS, this is a new level of social media savvy and terror. By targeting soldiers who have served in the Middle East and gathering their personal information from the internet, ISIS is showing how necessary it is to protect our servicemen and women's information and families, especially while they are serving overseas protecting America and her allies.

h/t: Newsmax

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