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There’s little doubt that the racial divide taking hold all across the nation is the accumulation of both a systemic overview by African-American’s towards the perceived injustice of race relations fueled by an administration and a mainstream media whose only goal seems to be to exploit those systemic differences, whether real or imagined.

And to that end 5-brave police officers paid dearly with their lives in the streets of Dallas, by a deranged gunmen who used the progressive narrative of systemic racism as an excuse to ambush 12-police officers, all in the name of “SOCIAL JUSTICE!”

To the Obama Administration it makes little difference if the “hands up don’t shoot” slogan is fact or fiction, all that’s required is a catchy sound-bite, and million dollar celebrities wearing tee-shirts and pumping their hands in the air, and fiction becomes the new normal within the African-American community.

And thus Alton Sterling takes over where Michael Brown leaves off as the new poster-child, of police brutality.

And although a new video has just surfaced showing more clearly and in more detail those critical moments, just before Sterling was shot, the question is does it really make any difference?

The 40-second video clip shows the two police officers struggling with Sterling and attempting to gain control of his hands, one of which was still lose and attempting to reach for something within his right pocket, Sterling is now moving his entire arm and begins making a pulling motion towards his pocket.

Within moments one of the officers shouts “he’s got a gun” the struggle continues for about a second or two longer when suddenly the officer relinquished his attempt to secure the free hand and shoots Sterling in the chest, and fires several more rounds into Sterling before rolling off him and unto the ground, Sterling who is visibly mortally wounded raises his arm briefly.

The video, courtesy of USA Today, graphically shows the exact moment when the first shots rang out, when the weapons were discharged, and there appears to be no visible muzzle flash from the officer’s weapon, which means that either the other officer not completely visible within the video or Sterling himself actually fired the first shots.

Sterling's right elbow is free and not constrained:

Officer is fighting to constrain Sterling's hand:

No doubt the investigation will make clear if Sterling’s weapon discharged…in the meantime 5-brave officers well be laid to rest, thanks in part to a climate of hate, instigated by the administration and driven by the mainstream media.

h/t: Allen B West

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