Man Up!

That seems to be the sentiment being relayed by New Zealand when it comes to providing asylum to those seeking refuge from the Jihad in the Middle East. New Zealand First official Winston Peters said,

“…let's bring the women and children and tell some of the men to go back and fight for their own country`s freedom, like we are.”

There is a lot of merit to that supposition.

Take in the women and children and assist them with building a new life. Send the man of the family back to fight for the liberation of his own country.

It seems only fair that when New Zealand has been sacrificing their own sons’ and daughters’ security at home with the refugee intake and potential for incoming terrorists, as well as on the battle field by sending the Army, Defense Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force, to the war front, that the man/men of the refugee family garnering asylum have a little skin in the game.

It goes without saying that New Zealand is taking the claims by many that the Syrian refugees are mostly men, very seriously.

Considering that is the gender of your typical Jihadi, and recognizing a terrorist knows well how to game a system, New Zealand should be commended for their potential novel approach to tightening up their immigration system and accepting refugees.

In fact, the US should be taking note of this approach as well. We, too, have sacrificed many of our own sons and daughters on behalf of trying to liberate these refugees’ lands.

It is not too much to ask the men of those lands to step up and fight for their own families’ freedoms. We can take care of their families while they go and help slay the enemy.

Source: Zee



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