The National Rifle Association is on the hit-list of every mainstream rag out there.

This time, potshots include attention getting headlines like “Nowhere to Hide, Jihad Wayne,” and “NRAs’ Sick Jihad” courtesy of the Daily News.

The irony is that if anyone is waging anything remotely close to a Jihad it is Washington D.C. and their in-the-bag-rags, like the Daily News, with their endless assaults on Americans’ Second Amendment Right.

So what’s got this “newspaper” all up in arms? The fact that the NRA and the ACLU, of all organizations, oppose the recent un-constitutional proposed legislation tampering with the 2nd Amendment.

Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), and Representative Peter King (R-NY) are sponsors of some new “Terrorist Watchlist” legislation.

The kind of legislation that would make it impossible for you to purchase a gun if you somehow find yourself on a FBI watchlist, in error, but able to pass the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NCIS). 

Having passed the NCIS part, but landing on the FBI watchlist, you might want to prepare yourself for 10-year in the hoosegow because it would be illegal for you possess any gun that you might already own.

Go ahead. Shake your head, mutter to yourself, but it won’t do any good. In fact, the FBI will probably just think you are mental too and that will only add to your list of worries when it comes to gun ownership.

Should you want to go down the path of WTF? with the fed having found yourself on a watchlist, then good luck, because you are not entitled to know the whys and what-fors that landed you on the list to begin with.

It might just be at typo for all you know.

Then again, getting yourself on a watch list can be awarded simply for “being preliminarily investigated to determine whether they [meaning you] have links to terrorism,” or “for whom the FBI does not have an open terrorism investigation.”

So, applying to be a highway patrolman or other law enforcement officer, like say, the FBI, could land you on a watchlist?!

Heck, just being conservative, prolife, Christian, and a veteran, let alone white, just about sums up the list of potential terrorists last we heard in the news, right?

You can probably see how the ACLU could get behind the NRA on this one.

Source: News Busters


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