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For many conservatives, a Trump Presidency would have the added benefit (if true), of having those on the ultra loony left leaving the country.

However like most things progressive there’s always a great deal of drama and bluster with little (if any) actual substance within most of what progressives claim.

An analysis of Twitter posts has determined that 4% of liberals have vowed to move away if Trump wins.

Just imagine for a moment if progressives like Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, John Stewart, Cher, Eddie Griffin, and my personal favorite Michael Moore would actually make good on their threat and buy a one way ticket to perhaps Paris, Rome, London Sweden, or maybe Germany where they could rub shoulders with many of their Socialist friends, and perhaps begin contributing and sharing their collective wealth, as outlined by their hero Bernie Sanders.

Perhaps redistributing 90% of their mega earnings and of course establishing their credentials as “true Socialists” by actually spreading their own wealth, without the benefit of those nasty tax shelters and loopholes favored by the “free market.”

The organization Luminoso examined 4.5 million Tweets during a one month period to determine the emotional reaction that a Trump Presidency would have, and discovered that a percentage of Twitterers would rather move out of the country, with a majority of those vowing to leave, picking Mexico as their country of choice.

Which perhaps would be of benefit to the Mexican real estate market, in that sense 2007 approximately 27,000 Mexican citizens have disappeared, vanished without a trace, thus allowing more housing units to be available for those loony Americans.

Do you think these liberal 'celebs' need to make good on all their big talk?

Do you think any of these people will actually follow through on their promise if Trump wins the White House?


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