Criminals are called criminals for a reason. Those with guns typically did not acquire them by legal means. Interestingly, most of those criminals did not even steal their guns. In fact, the criminals are afraid they will be robbed of their guns.

“…most said they got the weapons through personal connections because they feared getting caught in a law-enforcement sting or being robbed by a stranger.” (Harold Pollack, CO-Director of the Cook County Crime Lab-IL).

Imagine that-a criminal afraid of being the victim of a crime; “I'd rather be judged by 12 than be carried by six” (according to Pollack).

In terms of gun acquisition, criminals get them from family, gang members, and even via illegal purchase at gun shows, although this appears to be few and far between. Reflected in various studies, such as that undertaken by Pollack, and even Alisu Schousa-Glusberg, it is not just law abiding citizens who want to retain their rights to defend themselves, courtesy of the Second Amendment. Even criminals recognize this right, and while they are obviously the bad guys it is interesting that they would view their would-be victims in this same vein.

Then, there is the notion flung at that those of us who support the Second Amendment, by the communist liberal leadership and their lemming-like anti-gun crowd, that we somehow want a military-like arsenal at our disposal. Most criminals do not possess military assault weaponry, nor do they use it in a crime, as pointed out by Tim Brown, author of the article linked here.

Law abiding citizens subject themselves to the background checks and waiting periods that are presently in place. Clearly, criminals do not. No additional layer of law, no additional layer of background checks, is going to change the fact that criminals are just that-criminals. They come by their trade and the tools of their trade, illegally. They always have and they always will.

Questioning law abiding citizens about our motives for wanting to own a gun is ridiculous. Questioning us as to what we have against stopping gun violence is stupid.

The question that should be asked of the communist anti-gun crowd is what do they have against self-defense?

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