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It really isn’t hard to figure out, in that when any organization or institution gives in to fear, blackmail or threats of violence, that organization or institution is almost a certainty to begin a slow and steady course downward.

And so it is with the University of Missouri’s (MU) flagship Columbia campus, which has officially reported a staggering 23% drop in enrollment among its freshman class, which when translated to actual numbers, is over 1,400 students; however the overall number is even more significant with over 2,200 students dropping off or about 7% of the entire school population.

The steady decline in enrollment correlates directly to the political unrest last year by black activists and in particular the group “Concerned Student 1950” instigating racial unrest claiming that the school and MU President Thomas Wolfe were racist and demanding that he be fired.

And of course the university gave into those demands, which sparked additional demands bolstered by the hate group the Black Lives Matter movement, and a primary reason for the sharp drop of in enrolment.

Moreover this situation isn’t simply a decline in enrollment, but also in revenues which have created a $30-million dollar shortfall within the school’s overall budget, and which has forced the school to take drastic steps in order to stay financially current.

The cuts break down like this; all annual raises have been cancelled, and all new hires are being frozen, and the school’s overall budget is being cut by 5% across the board.

However more important than the immediate and hopefully brief yet painful experience is perhaps the wider issue of allowing institutions of higher learning to fall victim to political anarchists threatening violence.

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