Hillary Clinton has been loosing steam (to put it politely) in the past few weeks leading up to the the election. In fact, she has been struggling to stand, literally, and it's really showing in the latest polls just released. Trump has come from just behind to slingshot past Hillary and into the homestretch with very promising momentum.

With only eight weeks left till election time Hillary really needed to come up big if she wanted to be able grasp onto her lead coming into election time. Instead, she fell flat on her face, and had to be helped up by her secret service.

Unfortunately for her, her secret service can't just drag up her ratings in the polls as easy as they dragged her limp body to motorcade.

The two states that Trump is showing some major positive movement are Florida and Ohio. New CNN/ORC polls in these two crucial battleground states are showing Trump leading in both with a formidable bump over Hillary in Ohio especially.

Trump is a whole 5 points above Hillary among Ohio voters. Now Hillary is shaking in her boots and it's not just her failing health.

Trump's lead in Florida is nothing to scoffed at either. Trump leads Hillary 47% to Hillary's 43%. Although these leads are not quite ten point spreads nor do they mark the end of the race just yet, they do fall right in line with the trend that we have been seeing as the election nears.

Trump continues to grow more popular among American voters across the country and in the key battleground states. In the meantime Hillary's health, credibility, and popularity all continue to plummet in this very crucial time.

These polls are showing a major change even from just mid August in Trump's favor. Although the race is still very close it is the momentum that is just as important as the voter ratings themselves.

Luckily for Trump, he currently has both working for him.

Other national polls taken in the last two weeks including a Quinnipiac University poll from Wednesday and another CNN/ORC poll released just last week show Trump taking a huge lead in both states among white voters.

Trump leads Hillary 22 points in Ohio among white voters. In Florida the lead is even greater. Trump has a 29 point lead over Hillary in Florida among white voters showing a very bleak situation for Hillary.

Hillary still does hold the lead among non-white voters in both states but they make up a much smaller percentage of voters and with the way she has been seen patronizing members and organizations of the black community it's anyone's guess how long she holds this lead.

Hillary and other liberals have come at Trump criticizing his voter bas by saying that they are all imbeciles because Trump holds a wide gap over Hillary among whites without a college degree (which is no way to categorize somebody's intelligence).

It would appear those with college degrees also favor Trump however with Trump having a 9 point lead in Ohio and an 8 point in Florida among white voters with a degree.

It just goes to show that you don't have to go to college to know that Trump is clearly a far superior choice to Clinton and even if you do you're likely to arrive at the same conclusion.

The outlook isn't good for Hillary among those who haven't yet decided either.

CNN reports that "Just 36% have a positive impression of Clinton vs. 41% who view Trump favorably. Clinton also trails Trump by 12 points on the question of who is more honest and trustworthy."

It's got to be hard for the Clinton camp to find any silver lining in this at all. Not only are they down in ratings they are also having to fight against Trump's ever-growing momentum. There has been talk about the DNC finding a replacement for Hillary but that is likely to do very little for them at this point. It's just refreshing to see that the nation is finally seeing the light and picking the only real candidate for the next president of the United States of America.

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Source: CNN


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