Why anyone would need a poll is beyond me, when all one needs to do is take 2-minutes out of their day and watch these clowns in action, or a more accurately their inaction.

And while 59% of the 1,025 adults surveyed believe their elected member of Congress isn’t corrupt, 52% believe most members are.

Perhaps the fuzzy math is another indication just how screwed up Americans are. Similarly 47% believe their own legislators are in touch with the issues of the day, while 79% believe most are out of touch.

To make that fuzzy math even a bit more confusing most Americans are less critical of their own representatives, while critical of the rest of congress, however although Americans are less critical of their own legislators, re-electing those legislators dropped to a record low…my brain is spinning!

What’s apparent is that career politicians are in trouble, and to highlight just how bad American’s view the political class, is to simply look at the GOP presidential campaign, and see how the candidates measure up to one another.

The frontrunner and the other two leading candidates are all private citizens.

Donald Trump, is real estate mogul and businessman and never held elective office, Doctor Ben Carson a retired John Hopkins neurosurgeon, and also never held elective office and Carly Fiorina was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, and the first woman to take control of a Fortune 100 company, and also never held elective office.

Source: Opposing Views, Gallup



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