While Donald Trump's political platform has been attacked from all angles for being weak and shoddy, he has proved his understanding of the American people and America's crises by focusing much of his remarks on a key point that is resonating with 64% of American voters.

What's the issue? Illegal immigration and building a wall at our Southern border.

In a new poll by YouGov--a noted polling group that has its work featured on Yahoo.com, the Washington Post, Vox, and other partisan and non-partisan sites--64% of those surveyed believe that the United States should build a wall or a fence between the U.S. and Mexico. Those numbers include 87% of Republicans, 65% of independents and 44% of Democrats. As a side note, the 44% of Democrats who support building a wall outnumber the 43% who oppose the idea.

And it's not as if YouGov is playing a statistics or numbers game with their data or that they're using voters who want any and all walls to go up around America. In the same survey voters were asked whether they'd support building a wall between the United States and Canada, a 55% majority said they would oppose the idea.

It seems that Trump knows what the American people want and need--border security, but mostly Southern border security.

With the mass migration situation in Europe making headlines daily, it's no wonder that Americans are troubled. Uncontrolled immigration can lead to emergency-like situations, which only drain taxpayer-funded emergency funds and create panic and havoc.

Though other GOP candidates have professed a desire to change the situation at the border, Trump's focus on the issue could make him actually electable, something that many pundits have declared is impossible because of his brash attitude and no-holds-barred approach to political speech-making and his candidacy.

Trump's focus on illegal immigration has drawn the wrath of many voters inside and outside of the GOP, but, an even more telling statistic is that 49% of Hispanics want a border fence or wall. And that number could be just what Trump needs to secure his lead in the polls.

h/t: Freedom Outpost


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