Nothing shouts "death of a nation" like the purposeful termination of national borders. Time and again, history has shown how this human tragedy has been accomplished through means of military or demographic conquest, or political treason.

A new poll finds that the majority of Democrats - 53 percent - believes that illegals should have the right to vote if they can prove they live in the U.S. and pay taxes.

The fact that millions of illegals are here already, for Democrats, is proof enough of residency. Whether they pay taxes (can you say jobs taken away from desperately unemployed Americans?) is highly questionable. It's liberal insanity at its most self-destructive. And these people are calling the shots at almost every turn.

What really sets off alarm bells is that the Rasmussen Report National Telephone Survey found that 21 percent of Republicans also believes tax-paying illegals should be allowed to vote.

Is the GOP still the party of the U.S. Constitution?

The dismantling of American sovereignty now appears to be a bi-partisan work in progress. America, it seems, is now just an"idea," a land of nationless "people" ruled over by a powerful Government that commands a heavily armed surveillance apparatus.

Hillary for America? What America?

At one time, U.S. immigration law provided an orderly pathway to citizenship. Apparently, the law no longer matters and fewer and fewer citizens seem to object. If you are here illegally and lean Democratic, you're an American. Welcome aboard. Enjoy as many trips to the state and federal free benefits buffet as you want. But be sure to vote in the next election.

It seems most Democrats are too delusional to acknowledge the fact that what they are doing in the long run amounts to national suicide. Arrogant and self-righteous to a fault, they think they'll still be in charge of this multicultural heap.

When a nation's majority population goes down - as is happening within every "sovereign" state throughout the Western world - the country goes down with it. When its borders go down, millions of unassimilated people, who care not a wit for the nation's history, language, customs, laws, and traditions, are standing just outside the floodgates, ready to come pouring in.

Fortunately, this American demographic nightmare can't go on indefinitely. The situation is unsustainable. The economic system simply won't permit it. Not with an $18.2 trillion national debt bomb that's about ready to go off.

h/t Rasmussen


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