“This is a very difficult day.”

Even as German Chancellor, the architect of the expansive immigrant policy that has seen over 1- million Muslim refugees settle in the country over the past year, stated the all-too-obvious just hours, ISIS claimed another terror attack, this time striking at centuries-old Christmas traditions, and members of her own party raised questions about her pro-immigrant policy.

At least one, possibly more, terrorists were on the loose in Berlin after a truck was hijacked and turned into a killing machine, mowing down families at a Christmas Market in an act of terror bearing all the markings of the Nice, France attack that took place at a Bastille Day fireworks display in July.

ISIS has adopted a “low-tech” strategy of using every day things, such as trucks and knives, as weapons against what it calls “citizens of the Crusader coalition,” in its online publications.

Ironically, Merkel, who recently announced she will run for a fourth term as the country’s chancellor was at a service honoring migrants at the time of the attack near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church – the very symbol of the country’s Christian heritage.

The service was intended to further Merkel’s pro-immigrant policy and was being held just minutes away from the scene of carnage as 12 people died and another 50 were injured as the truck, fully loaded with 44-tonnes of steel beams – was deliberately steered into the crowd around the Christmas stalls.

ISIS’s glossy online magazine, “INSPIRE,” has instructed would-be jihadists, “There are weapons and cars available and targets ready to be hit. ... Kill them and spit in their faces and run over them with your cars,” calling pickup trucks, “the ultimate mowing machine… not to mow grass but mow down the enemies of Allah.”

Merkel is facing a backlash after the killings and cancelled campaign visits and visited the scene of the attack on the steps of the church looking grim and shaken.

The Chancellor all but acknowledged that a terror attack would be detrimental to her open immigration policy with comments at a press conference.

“I know it would be especially hard to bear for all of us if it should be confirmed that the person who committed this act sought protection and asylum in Germany. This would be especially despicable toward the many, many Germans who are daily engaged in helping refugees, and toward the many, many people who truly need this protection and strive to integrate themselves into our country.”

Her main opposition, Marcus Pretzell, of the Alternative for Germany, spoke passionately, calling the victims, “Merkel’s dead!” even as Klaus Bouillon, a member of the chancellor’s own Christian Democrat Union party, said in an interview, “We must state that we are in a state of war, although some people who want to see only the good can not see.”

Boullion announced increased heightened security measures. “We will take it wherever we think it is necessary. That means long-range weapons, short weapons, machine guns, even if this sounds martial.”

Germany’s election is set for sometime between late August and late October next year.

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