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Finally, Tennessee is getting it! House Bill 1418 will put an end to the un-godly indoctrination of our school children into the sick world of radical Islam.

This move turns the age-old argument about “separation of church and state” on its heel and drives it back at the pro-Islam, specifically the obsessive Caliphate-establishing and flag-waving Council on the American Islamic Relations (CAIR) group, as well as the anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, and pro-Atheism movements.

There is no playing favorites with faith. If Christianity, the foundation of this nation is banned from all classrooms then Islam, the faith of which we are in a war with, sure as heck better be banned.

Throughout the Happy-Hijab and Madrasa public schools of Tennessee, the education system has been subjecting children to recitation of the Five Pillars of Islam, and the Shahada…which would be the chicken-scratch flag of the ISIS and their maniacal blood-thirsty Jihad, and the equally abhorrent al-Qaeda. They have also been dressing up girls in the hijab/burqa, sack with eye-holes thing, and making them all participate in calls to Muslim prayer.

The bill eliminates all practices of all faiths in the classroom. Historical lessons, social studies, geography and the like will continue and may include reference to a religion, but there will no longer be faith-role-play happening. Really, now…anyone ever hear about role-playing a Catholic confessional in class?, Or, Communion? Or, Baptism? Or, Hannukah? That’s right. The answer is no. Role-playing Islam? A resounding yes and that is absurd and it needs to stop immediately.

The HB 1418 is the celebratory work of parental uprising in Tennessee to take back their schools. Pray it passes and pray the rest of the parents across the nation link hands and arms in the fight to take back our children’s education.

Source: Conservative Post


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