New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie has informed the Obama Administration that his state will not be taking part in the refugee resettlement program.

That program will be a nationwide effort to import, and secretly distribute, predominately Muslim asylum seekers around the United States.

In the wake of the Paris and Brussels ISIS attacks, not to forget San Bernardino, the American people are not warm to the idea of a similar disaster happening here. Nor are we interested in the gang-rape festivals, abuse, and demands for all things halal and Sharia Law that seem to come along with Muslim refugee resettlement.

More than a dozen states have told the fed that refugees are not welcome. One of those estates, Tennessee is leading the charge with a lawsuit against the federal government in this vein. Obama and his goons, whether we like it or not, are brilliant.

They are using non-profit humanitarian organizations for resettlement purposes in work-around to states and their opposition.

One starts to questions the president’s intentions when it comes to the safety and security of our nation. Particularly, in a time of war with a Middle Eastern Muslim enemy.

Good for Governor Christie. Good for the dozen+ other states. Now we just need to get the rest on board and put the humanitarian non-profit groups out of business. Perhaps that is the place to start.

Put those groups out of business, drive them out of the various states, and you eliminate the avenue by which Obama can resettle anyone.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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