Liberals have complained and whined about religion being taught in schools. They have desperately tried to get one type of religion completely banned from schools, in particular. That religion, of course, is Christianity.

However, at the very same time, they have been pushing hard to force schools to teach and preach Islam in American public schools. This seems a little backward, seeing as our country was built on Christianity and every major anti-American terror attack has been tied to Islam in some fashion.

One New Jersey middle school has deemed it appropriate to teach Islam to their students, while at the same time, they have censored students for discussing the Bible.

Two mothers were particularly upset about the hypocritic nature of the school's behavior regarding religion. They decided to make their voices heard at a Chatham Board of Education meeting in February.

Nancy Gayer, one of the mothers displayed her disappointment in the school's behavior, citing an instance when her son was in 4th grade and presented a PowerPoint. The student's presentation was shut down because her son used a line from the Bible when trying to raise awareness about his efforts to collect gloves and hats for less fortunate children.

Gayer explained that the teacher told her son that it "belongs in Sunday school, not in the classroom." The teacher then claimed that the computer wasn't going to allow the presentation to continue to be shown in the classroom.

At the time, Gayer went to the superintendent, who defended the teacher's actions, saying that the school district's policy strictly banned any "proselytizing" in the classroom.

The 'offensive' line in question that her son cited in the presentation was, "Caring for the poor is lending to the Lord, and you will be well repaid."

Of course this is really not a standard and, in fact, is another double standard that the left seems to live by. Gayer noted that her son is now being taught about Islam and specifically the five pillars of Islam in his seventh-grade class. The teaching covers the 'intricacies' of such a religion and even show a video about the five pillars of Islam that includes the line, "Allah is the creator of everything, the one true God."

Check out the full video below:

"In my opinion, I call this proselytizing, for by definition of this word it means convert or attempt to convert from one religion, belief or opinion to another," said Gayer.

Libby Hilsenrath, another mother reiterated Gayer's concerns, explaining how the seventh-grade class dove into detail about the teachings of Islam but neglected to cover Christianity or Judaism at all. She also brought up examples of curriculum that covered Islam that could very easily be interpreted as proselytizing. These examples included a video that gives an introduction to Islam and includes the controversial lines from the Quran, "And they say: Be Jews and Christians, then ye will be rightly guided. Say (unto them, O Muhammed) Nay, but (we follow) the religion of Abraham, the upright, and he was not of the idolators" and "Lo, we have sent thee (O Muhammed) with the truth, a bringer of glad tidings and warner."

In typical liberal fashion, the superintended brushed off the two mothers' concerns, refusing to meet with either of them and refusing to change the course, giving the reason that "it is part of the New Jersey curriculum core content standards to teach students about the various religions of the world."

The two mothers have had their names drug through the mud now and they have been labeled as bigots and Islamophobes in their local communities.

"We were labeled as bigots immediately following the Board of Ed meeting in an op-ed," explained Hilsenrath told Fox News, "and then all over Facebook with people who knew us or didn't know us. Xenophobic, Islamophobe, I mean it went as far as the KKK, which I don't know what that has to do with this."

"Unfortunately I was stared down at a grocery store too," said Gayers, "and I believe I was in the express line with just 10 items but yet I was still stared down. It was pretty unnerving."

Resident Susan O'Brien is the one responsible for the op-ed piece sent in to Tap Into Chatham. In it, she labeled both Gayers and Hilsenrath as "at worst veiled bigotry and at best sad and ignorant."

O'Brien continued by saying, "I believe that ignorance breads fear and fear breeds hatred; the more we understand about other cultures and religions the better we are equipped to deal with the issues we face in today's world."

This is just another classic example of the ignorant left bullying anyone that doesn't agree with their liberal agenda and labeling them as bigots and racist so they don't have to address the very real concerns that Conservatives bring up.

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Source: Daily Wire

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