David Parsons, of the Jerusalem Post, wrote an article, “Unmasking the Real Obama Doctrine” earlier in the year that is well worth your time to read.

Parsons points out President Obama’s dysfunction as evident with respect to his premature withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, his unwillingness to recognize the rise of Islamic extremism the world-over, and his two-facing games with Bashar Asaad of Syria, his anger at the toppling of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, all the while double-crossing and lambasting our greatest ally, Israel, and turning a blind eye to weapons transactions between North Korea and Iran.

However, one could argue with Mr. Parsons that Americans do not see this quite so much as dysfunctional.

But instead we view this as abhorrently and frighteningly anti-American.

President Obama is carting us, America and the free-world alike, in a handbasket straight into the fires of hell.

Source: American News



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