The war on ISIS is being waged by a country with a long history of aggression and deceit towards the United States. For once we can cheer on the actions of the Russian military. When an American can get behind Russian military action this illustrates just how much ISIS is hated worldwide.

Newly release footage from the Russian military shows them taking the battle directly to ISIS in Syria. A Mil Mi-28NE Night Hunter chopper takes down ISIS vehicles from afar in epic fashion.

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The Mi-28NE reportedly use Ataka (NATO designation AT-9 Spiral-2) anti-tank guided missiles with shaped charge warheads, designed to eliminate armored vehicles; the pickups and trucks of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists are pierced through. A number of people can be seen running away from the vehicles in the midst of an attack.

As seen on video, pilots do not target fleeing terrorists.

The targets are engaged from various distances, sometimes well over 5km away, with speeds of the aircraft exceeding 200kph.

On some videos it is clearly visible that terrorists are firing at the helicopters with automatic weapons, though incapable of damaging the armored ‘flying tanks’, which can withstand hits from 12.7mm bullets.

Rogozin also tweeted a couple of videos of Mi-28NE eliminating stationary targets, a terrorist stronghold and a building with terrorists sheltering inside.

The nature of the explosions attest to the fact that the pilots opted for 9М120F missiles armed with combined effects, high-explosive fragmenting and thermobaric ordnance.

Do you support an increased U.S. military presence in Syria to take down ISIS or do you think America could sit this one out and let other members of the international community clean up the mess for a change?

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