In  another stunning example of the Obama administration’s right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, federal immigration officials are pursuing spending plans not only without state and local consent, but even as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against Obama’s immigration policy.

It almost takes a scorecard to keep track of what’s happening, but the why of it is crystal clear – Obama is intent upon flooding the country with illegal, unvetted, undocumented, and illegal aliens and nothing, not state and local governments, not the Supreme Court, and not even the Constitution can stop him.

At issue in Texas is the housing of immigrant families in federal detention centers while they await court dates for asylum and immigration status hearings.

The centers, run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), have been criticized as being more like prisons surrounded by high fences topped with razor barbed wire, than family-friendly facilities, and the U.S. Civil Rights Commission has lodged complaints on behalf of detainees about bad food, poor medical care, and dangerous conditions exposing the immigrants, mostly women and children, to violence and sexual abuse.

The matter should, of course, be moot after the recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, but the president took to the microphone within minutes after the Court’s announcement vowing, “What was unaffected by today’s ruling, or lack of a ruling, is the enforcement priorities that we’ve put in place.”

So, in accordance with that attitude from the top, federal officials continue with plans to build and equip a new 500-bed family detention center with better food and improved medical care in a “home setting, where the children can attend school, and families access critical legal and social services,” according to a plan submitted by a private company bidding for the project.

Complicating the issue is the objection to housing the immigrants in any detention center whatsoever, which according to some advocates who say even the concept of such a facility is unacceptable no matter how comfortably appointed or how good the food and medical care.

“If you are not free to leave, then it doesn’t matter how nice it is,” said one. “It’s a prison.”

As things stand now, the federal government is taking bids to build facilities to house people the Supreme Court says the president does not have the right to allow in the United States.


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