Each day the members of our military work hard to protect the freedoms that we Americans hold dear. It's alarming, then, to know that Muslim activists are targeting the families of some military members and that that targeting is happening here, in America.

According to an FBI report that has just recently been made available to the media, groups of men from the Middle East are traveling around in dark sedans and approaching military families in Wyoming and Colorado.


One woman reported that the dark sedan pulled up to her house and two Middle-Eastern men approached her and asked her questions about her husband. They claimed to know that her husband was a military interrogator and the woman felt distinctly threatened. After questioning her about her husband, the men got back in their car and drove away.

Though the FBI hasn't commented on the situation, similar situations have been reported across the two states of Wyoming and Colorado, which may suggest that these activities by Muslim activists are on the rise and may be spreading to other countries.

While it is disturbing to think that these men are approaching the families of our soldiers, the more disturbing question remains of how these men obtained the information about members of the military and their families.

Unfortunately, because the FBI isn't commenting on its progress in these cases, it's almost impossible to know what ideas the FBI has about how this is happening and what they are doing to stop these outrageous confrontations.

The FBI and Homeland Security obviously owe these families a sincere apology. They also should tell the families and the public what is being done to make sure things like this don't happen in the future.

Our military works hard to protect us, it's up to us to do our part by protecting their families from these Muslim activists.

h/t: CBS Local

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