Deputy Ben Fields, the man who physically removed 16-year old Niya Kenny from her Spring Valley High School desk, after she took a swing at him, looks to have been set-up. Ms. Kenny, figured out which School Resource Officer was coming to deal with her belligerence and told her like-minded buddies, delinquents that they are, to get out their phones and start videotaping the altercation.

This sounds like a set-up may have been in the works from the get-go. An opportunity for Ms. Kenny to cash-in on a manufactured white-cop on black-thug incident. In fact, Ms. Kenny has cashed in. A GoFundMe account has garnered the stuck up witch $42,000.00 in donations.

So, who put her up to this? Judging by the way she carries herself it seems highly unlikely that she is intellectual enough to have pulled this off alone. Why else would a student, reprimanded over gum-chewing or in-class cell phone use, or whatever, take to such extremes and have the foresight to make sure her classmate videographers were ready to go?

According to Ms. Kenny it was because it was Deputy Fields who was enroute;

“Initially, when they said an SRO was coming – we have two – I didn’t know which one was coming.”

“It could have been the other one. When I saw deputy Fields, that’s when I started . . . that’s when I told them to get the cameras out, because we know his reputation – well, I know his reputation.”

That last part sounds like afterthought justification, or like she had forgotten her lines in a little charade to destroy a white man’s life.

Naturally, Kenny’s bevy of attorneys, in addition to promulgating a lie about her being orphaned are running with the story that the videotaping was because it was Deputy Fields and his “reputation.” The bigger this story gets, the more like a lie, all the way around, it is looking. It is becoming the elephant in the room when it comes to the corrupted legal system, school system, main stream media, and frankly the using of a brat-child to make it all happen.

These people are atrocious.

Source: Mad World News

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