Welfare fraud is something that is bringing down the United States at an impressively scary rate. The amount of people simply benefiting from the system and living off of handouts, versus the number of people who are actually contributing to society is staggering.

So when people attempt to trim off the excess hangers-on, like the drug addicts or the people who simply don't want to work, we should all give them more praise and support.

Such is the effort happening in the state of Alabama. Alabama representative Robert Aderholt is trying to move forward a bill that would allow all 50 states in the country to set up mandatory drug testing for any welfare recipients.

He's having a hard time, but his idea has merit.

Aderholt's plan would not force any state to adopt the tests, but would simply allow the possibility, something that the USDA and the Georgia Attorney General have ruled is illegal and unconstitutional because it forces added requirements on food stamp and welfare recipients.

"If a state does not want to do it, they’re not required to do it. But hopefully this will be something that would have good results and states would want to adopt something like this," Aderholt said, referring to the program which many constituents would love to see enforced.

For those Americans who have worked hard and put time and effort into their lives and their careers, to see that effort given away to people who are addicted to drugs and not attempting to change their lives or get better is incredibly hard.

More states should consider Aderholt's plan, though most Democrats abhor the idea.

Democrats do have a point when they say that people addicted to drugs are already struggling and shouldn't be hurt more than they are. But there are also people who aren't making any effort to get off drugs and who are abusing the system. Those people should go, and fast.

h/t: America News

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