WikiLeaks has just released an archive of another 67 emails sent by the Queen of Corruption Hillary Clinton that raise some very serious questions. You would think that maybe she would learn to be better about her email but it would seem that if you are crooked enough it is just impossible to cover it up.

These latest emails are especially concerning because each email was sent under a fake name. Hillary sent a total of 67 emails to her daughter Chelsea.

Hillary chose to use the Alias "Diane Reynolds" when addressing her daughter to discus information that she obviously did not want to be traced back to her.

The main question that we must ask is why she was emailing under such a suspicious fake name. Which act of corruption was she trying to conceal.

Gateway Pundit reveals that one email was actually written during the 2012 Benghazi attacks. In the email Hillary, writing as Diane Reynolds tells her daughter Chelsea that the Americans that were slaughtered had been killed by an "Al-Queda-like group."

This is particularly noteworthy because at the time Hillary told the nation that the attack was caused by an internet video that had been posted to YouTube.

Hillary has clearly received a lot of heat for her absolutely failure as a leader in a time of crisis that lead to the death of four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

We must also ask why she was emailing her own daughter under such a fake name. What was she really hiding in these emails.

You can be sure to read the entire archive here.

WikiLeaks has obviously had enough with this crook of a politician has made it their personal duty to expose her for every piece of dirt and scandal she has tried to hide from the public eye.

Hillary isn't going down without a fight though. There have been 5 very mysterious deaths all surrounding the Clintons in the past two months alone. Furthermore, US Herald reported tha the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange may have just survived another botched assassination attempt of Hillary's.

It would seem as people continue to dig and expose more and more dirt on this bent woman more and more bodies will just keep adding to the body count.

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Source: Conservative Outfitter


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