There’s nothing more egregious in politics then perhaps having one of your own betray you, especially when they’ve pledged publicly to support you, and no doubt the “Judas Kiss” by Ohio Governor John Kasich may prove to be his ultimate undoing within the Republican Party now that President Elect Donald Trump, will occupy the White House for the next 4-years.

Trump’s come from behind win in taking the battleground state from Clinton suggests that voters in Ohio may not forgive or forget Kasich’s arrogant, self-serving antics, in particular his boycotting his own parties convention within his state, and of course reneging on his pledge to support the winner.

Check out the electoral map looks like. Looks like a very united country for sure:


As for the hapless Romney’s vile and disgusting comments, referencing Trump as a racist, perhaps the best that can be said of this phony Mormon, is what Trump himself tweeted months ago stating; “Mitt Romney had his chance to beat a failed president but he choked like a dog. Now he calls me racist-but I am least racist person there is.”

Obviously now that candidate Trump is “President Elect Trump” these two sniveling cowards who did everything in their power to denigrate, insult, and denounce him, are now crawling out of their respective holes, with predicted and phony tweets congratulating the new president. .

Romney’s tweet; “Best wishes for our duly elected president: May his victory speech be his guide and preserving the Republic his aim.”

Kasich’s Tweet; “The American people have spoken and it’s time to come together. Congratulations President-elect


PATHETIC! These wimps have NO backbone. Just more the type of typical politicians that the country has overwhelmingly rejected with a Trump victory.

Do you think Romney and Kasich are just your run of the mill politicians taht have no real conviction that the nation is done with?

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of their late to the game butt kissing of Trump...

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