Over the past months, an interesting schism has opened up in the Republican party that shows signs of derailing conservatism in America. The members of the movement call themselves "Never Trumps," and they have popularized the hashtag and expression "#NeverTrump."

Elite members of this Never Trump movement have come together to write a letter detailing why they don't believe that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump deserves to be in the White House. Unfortunately, these are 50 of the most elite Republican thinkers and former cabinet members and their opinions will likely sway even more to join their movement.

So what is the reasoning behind the Never Trump movement?

In a word, Trump is too "reckless."

Trump also has shown that he "has little understanding" of the intricacies that it takes to run the country, these GOP leaders said in their letter. Further, these elite Republicans state that Trump "has shown no interest in educating himself."

None of the signers of the letter will vote for Trump, they say, which begs the question, who will they vote for?

Though the letter does acknowledge that Hillary Clinton is also a flawed candidate, for some reason these elite Republicans are forgetting what their own backgrounds are.

Among the names on the list is John D. Negroponte, a deputy secretary of state. There are also a handful of defense department and homeland security veterans.

But none of these conservative people would have gotten the experience they're now flaunting if a Republican president hadn't been elected. Trump may not be perfect, but he's going to appoint conservatives to be in his cabinet, not liberals.

Perhaps these Never Trumps are too elite. Maybe they've forgotten their roots. Or maybe they're right and Trump would somehow be a worse mistake than Clinton.

That last seems the most far-fetched. Never Trump, don't make Clinton any more electable than she already is. America doesn't need more Obama-style liberalism.

h/t: NY Times

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