By now, most of us have heard about the recent actions taken by the United Nations Security Council against Israel at the end of last week. The United States had the chance to stop this anti-Israel action but chose to sit idle and let it happen under the back stabbing guiding of President Barack Hussein Obama.

The decision was in regards to ending Israeli occupation of West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem.

Naturally, this betrayal has rubbed many Americans and Israelis the wrong way, and rightfully so. Among the people upset by the decision was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and much of his disapproval was, understandably, directed at President Barack Obama.

Over the past 8 years Obama has hardly even maintained the facade of being Israel's ally and this final move brought that facade crumbling down. By allowing the UN to carry out this anti-Israel move, Obama and the rest of the Obama administration have gone directly against Israel and shown where their real loyalties lie.

As a result, Netanyahu took the chance to expose Obama's hypocrisy and say a few word to express his feelings on Obama's betrayal in a recent Facebook post that included an image of Obama and a few words to boot.

He broke it down to one simple word: "Seriously?"

"2008, Presidential candidate Barack Obama at the Western Wall," the Facebook post read. Then Netanyahu showed the difference and wrote, "2016, U.N. calls the Western Wall ‘occupied Palestinian territory.’ Seriously?"

The major difference is in 2008 Obama was still vying for American approval but in 2016, even though he would have liked to run for a third term and even believes that he would have won, Obama isn't running for reelection and can do as he pleases without having to worry about his public image.

It's obvious he's not too fond of Israel and now he isn't hiding it anymore. Luckily, Donald Trump has always expressed his support for our Israeli ally and will likely be quick on the draw when it comes to mending this recently damaged relationship.

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