Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud party, sent out a March 17, 2015 tweet claiming victory over his political opponent, Zionist Union candidate Isaac Herzog.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu TweetSome media outlets are calling the claim premature. The race between the two is tight, enough so that there is still a level of uncertainty as to who will win. Netanyahu and other members of the Likud has used what is decried as scare tactics in their political messages to their voters. Pointing out that any votes thrown away at smaller Right wing groups would endanger the forming of a government under the leadership if the Prime Minister, which would elevate the Left to power.

The exit polls indicate that Netanyahu retain his position, which would allow him to form a coalition of right-wing parties. He also used the unpopular Obama Administration and their antics, along with the problems with Scandinavian countries as part of his election strategy.  Any comments from the Obama Administration only fueled Israeli animosity, and they are not forgetting how Netanyahu stood up against Obama's lack of leadership.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a strong Israeli leader, who is unafraid of calling an Islamic Terrorist… well, a terrorist. With the way Obama has been treating our allies, I'm surprised that Netanyahu hasn't dropped the other foot, declaring the current US administration as a hostile regime. Perhaps he is hanging in there, waiting for the results of our own upcoming elections.

Before the vote tallies are complete, another party in Israel is surging their influence. Twenty percent of Israel's population are Arabs, and they went to the election polls in record numbers, claiming up to 13 seats, granting them two more seats in the Knesset than before. Because they came together as a unified body instead of four small groups, they could end up with more power than any other minority in the Knesset.

This will give Arab lawmakers more access to key committees, and as the third largest party, would have more influence over the Arab agenda in Israel. If Netanyahu and his opponent Isaac Herzog form a unity government, the Arabs would lead the opposition.

On Tuesday, Netanyahu went to Facebook and reported that Arab voters are going to the polls in droves, bussed in by Left-wing organizations.


Now doesn't that sound familiar? In our own last election, Democrats were witnessed bringing people to the polls by bus, all eager to vote for Obama. It's almost surreal, a plot better suited inside some bad airport pulp fiction novel. Only this isn't fiction. This is real, and it's happening right now.

Democrats and Arabs are using the same tactics, decrying the same lies about racism, and doing their best to destroy America and our best allies, like Israel. Since they can't defeat us with standing armies, it looks like they're trying to destroy us from the inside out.

There is another mass organization on Earth that destroys from the inside out, and it's called cancer. Nearly impossible to cure at times, we're certainly going to go through hell over what it takes to make things right.



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