Advocates of the mass migration of Muslim “refugees” into Western Europe, Britain, and the United States are fond of claiming that those seeking entry, the majority of whom are young males, are simply seeking religious asylum and want nothing more than a chance at a better life.

Never mind that these are not families coming to non-Muslim countries, but fit, healthy 20-something males, or that once taken into Germany, France, Sweden, Britain or the U.S., they immediately go on welfare having all their needs paid for by the taxpayers of the country, many of whom don’t have access to the same level of services or care.

European leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel claim it is the duty of Europeans to take in the Muslims and the European Union stands ready to exact heavy penalties on countries that refuse or even try to limit the numbers that flood across their border demanding housing, food, health care and education.

And the police, under orders from above, leave local communities on their own when confronted by the “refugees” who try to intimidate them.

But the orders from the EU are not sitting well with all citizens who see the influx of Muslims as an invasion and resent their refusal to adapt to Western customs – even something as basic as paying for the items you want at a grocery store.

So, it’s no surprise that when a refugee refused to pay for two bottles of wine in a German supermarket, the employees’ calls to the police went unheeded.

In fact, it wasn’t the first call to the police that day and the employees doubted they would return for a third visit as the refugee held the two bottles tight and railed in his native language refusing to pay as other customers avoided the scene.

But then, members of a local neighborhood watch group came into the store, took the bottles away from the refugee and started to throw him out of the grocery store physically.

When he fought back, he got more than he expected – three German members of the neighborhood watch group weren’t going to be intimidated into simply handing over the goods and he got the rough end of their attention.

It did not end well for the Muslim would-be shoplifter – he was unceremoniously escorted from the store without the wine bottles and with some bruises.

In the video, one of them can be heard challenging the refugee, yelling, “What do you want from me? Huh! What do you want from me?! Pigs! Get out of here! Pigs! Piss off.”

A woman can be heard saying, “It’s sad that we need to rely on a neighborhood watch group.”

She knows the police have been told to stand down. She knows they are on their own.

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