Ayman “Tard” Mohyeldin, the NBC News foreign correspondent who verbally attacked Navy Seal, and American hero, Chris Kyle following on the release of Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper,” has earned himself an award. Actually he earned two awards.

Mohyeldin, was bestowed with the Media Research Center’s “Quote of the Year Dishonor Award” and the “Damn those Conservatives to Hell” award at their 28th annual event this past Thursday, October 8th.

What was it that Mohyeldin did to earn such a prestigious honor? Ayman accused Chris Kyle of going on “killing sprees” while serving our country, and putting his life on the line, in defense of ours and ungrateful idiots like Ayman, and killing the bad guys. The bad guys who would sooner slowly remove the head of Mohyeldin than give him a second thought.

So as not to present Mohyeldin’s statements out of context, here is what he had to say while sitting down with Morning Joe on January 29, 2015;

“When you juxtapose it with the real Chris Kyle and the story that has emerged about what kind of personality he was, a lot of his own personal opinions about what he was doing in Iraq, how he viewed Iraqis, some of what people have described as his racist tendencies towards Iraqis and Muslims as he was going on some of these, you know, killing sprees in Iraq on assignment.”

That’s not all. MRC didn’t stop with Ayman.

America’s darling, Ashley Judd, won the awesome “Celebrity Dumbass Award” for saying Hillary Clinton was more qualified for the presidency than any other candidate since Thomas Jefferson and George Washington (You can stop ROFLYAO). Lawrence Odell receive the “Puppy Love Award” for fawning over Obama , and Sally Kohn, BLM Cheerleader, won the “Dan Rather Memorial Award for the Stupidest Analysis.”

Hmm…wondering if that moron, Melissa Harris-Perry who asked Eric Holder-The Duck, “Would you quack for us?” received a prize? A rubber-ducky would have been so fitting.

Source: CNS News



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