Detroit Pistons coach, Stan Van Gundy, just doesn’t “get” it.

After a life built around basketball – growing up as a coach’s son and playing college ball for his father, playing in college and working his way up as a college coach to the NBA level, Van Gundy seems to have lost touch with the simple fact that the life of the nation doesn’t revolve around grown men in shorts chasing a ball and collecting millions of dollars from fans who actually have to work to pay for their tickets.

Van Gundy, who took a page or two from the Democrat talking points playbook, called Republican Donald Trump all the tired, overused and “under-proved” names – misogynist, racist, sexist, homophobe – during the campaign also had some choice words for the voters.

“It’s like the majority of the population in our country is retarded or something.”

Casting the election on purely racial tones, rather than on matters of policy, on Democrat Hillary Clinton’s flawed candidacy and troubling record, or the perception by more than two-thirds of the country that we are “on the wrong track,” Van Gundy went on to paint the voters as… no surprise… racists.

“For our country to be where we are now, who took a guy who…I don’t think anybody can deny this guy is openly and brazenly racist and misogynistic and ethnic-centric, and say That’s OK with us, we’re going to vote for him anyway. This should not have happened and this is a move that’s equal to all the white people who voted for Trump in America going out and finding the first black person or Latino person or any other non-white person and spitting right smack in their face.”

But Van Gundy may have “jumped the shark” by now deluding himself into thinking that the NBA can nullify the free and fair election of an American president because he disagrees with the result.

The Pistons coach is now convinced that if NBA players go out on strike, Trump will be driven from the White House.

The voice of the narcissistic elite is nowhere more evident than in Van Gundy’s call as he says, “Because I have the ability, I am hereby calling for a general strike of all black NBA players who have a bone to pick with the racist that’s supposedly going to be ‘the president of all Americans”.

No, Coach.

Donald Trump is the president of all Americans.

That’s how we do things in America.

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