Almost one year ago one of the most tragic shootings in America's history occurred. On July 16, 2015 Mohammad Abdulazeez shot up a Marine recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee as well as a Naval Operational Support Center. Abdulazeez injured one Marine and killed five Navy service members. It's taken nearly a year, but now the Navy is responding to that attack.

The Navy recently released the news that they are nearing the completion of steps which would allow them to post armed Navy sailors in every Navy recruiting station and operation center in the country. At the time of the 2015 shootings, the Navy didn't post armed guards in their centers.

But now, thanks to a year-long investigation and a carefully planned policy, the Navy will be able to establish a system that "[puts] in place to arm personnel that are there for deterrent value and to provide protection."

In civilian-speech that means they'll be putting guards in recruitment centers.

A person close to the situation stated that the guards will be service members but that they won't serve as any kind of police force. They are strictly to protect the recruitment centers and act as a deterrent should anyone try to mimic Abdulazeez's murderous attack.

The Navy decided to use armed personnel instead of letting their recruiters carry guns themselves. While it seems like giving the recruiters permission to carry their pieces would have been a simpler situation, it's understandable that the Navy wouldn't want the public-facing side of their force to be directly associated with a gun.

Guards aren't the only deterrent being put in place, either, though. Anti-ballistic shields and other visual deterrent methods are being put in place in all recruitment centers and service centers, for all branches of the military.

That lone wolf gunman last year got lucky. Now that our military is getting ready, we hope this sort of deadly attack will never happen again.

h/t: Navy Times

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