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In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando the issue of gun control has again come to the forefront of public consciousness.

What kinds of guns should or should not be allowed in the hands of law-abiding Americans will be debated endlessly by politicians claiming to have “our best interests at heart”.

With congress currently enjoying its lowest approval rating in history, it’s hard to believe an issue as decisive and important as gun control is left to, possibly, the single most disliked collection of people in America.

No longer willing to sit back and let our so-called “leaders” spew ignorance back and forth across the isle, former Navy Seal Dom Rasso appeared on Fox and Friends to set the record straight on assault rifles.

"When you say 'assault weapons,' when you say 'weapons of war,' it immediately shows your level of ignorance [of] what we're actually talking about," said Rasso.

Powerful words from a man not only familiar with these sophisticated tools, but someone who has utilized these machines in order to keep America safe from the highest level of attacks.

Who better to listen to on the issue of gun control than a former Navy Seal?

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