On a memorable night in 2007, Navy Seals Sr. Chief Mike Day was shot twenty-seven times. What’s more miraculous than the fact that Day is still alive today, is the fact that he completed his mission and made it back to the waiting helicopter.

Day led his team into a house where four al-Qaeda members lay in wait. As soon as Day stepped through the door they opened fire.

His body armor, which was only rated to withstand one shot, held up against over two dozen shots at close range. Day said it felt like he was being pummeled by a sledgehammer, but he was able to take out all four terrorists in the room.

In addition to withstanding twenty-seven shots, Day was also hit by shrapnel from a grenade. In the moments that he was sustaining fire, Day prayed to God to “get [him] home to [his] girls.”

After being flown to safety in his waiting helicopter Day made it home safely, but his road to recovery has been painful and long.

In addition to physical injuries, Day was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as well as traumatic brain injury. His physical injuries have gradually healed, but the other, mental and psychological injuries, have taken their toll.

Day is proving to be a leader away from the battlefield too, however, and is now raising money to help defray the cost of other soldiers’ expensive treatment in specialized centers.

Out of all the medals and awards that he’s received, the money that he’s raised and given back to other soldiers suffering from PTSD and other psychological injuries is worthy of special merit.

Day is currently raising money by offering to race in a Half-Ironman triathlon and is hoping to raise $75,000.

You can read more about Mike Day’s Half-Ironman fundraiser to raise money to help other wounded warriors here.



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