Most of us go through our busy day seldom thinking about those young men and woman a half a world away serving our country, and that’s perhaps the way it should be.

Although America is the strongest military power on earth, it seldom highlights the numerous achievements of those young men and woman unless they’re extraordinary.

While all who serve and wear the uniform are indeed a special breed, there are those individuals who go beyond the call of duty, and in so doing they join a select few, and are immortalized forever.

On Monday America will pay it’s highest honor to another young individual and a Navy SEAL who is the 6th member of this elite club to receive the Medal of Honor.

Navy SEAL Edward Byers JrNavy SEAL Edward Byers Jr. is set to be awarded the honor for his actions during a daring nighttime raid in 2012 to rescue an American citizen from Taliban clutches, Edward Byers Jr. leaped across the room to shield the hostage from oncoming fire while simultaneously engaging a Taliban guard, in hand-to-hand combat, and while covering the hostage with his body, Byers will receive the medal from President Obama at the White House.

“Anyone who has been in combat knows that in those moments you either react or you get killed,” Byers said in a Navy video.

h/t: Fox News



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